What Does WBK Mean, and How Do I Use It?

What Does WBK Mean, and How Do I Use It?
What Does WBK Mean, and How Do I Use It?

In the event that you’ve gone over the abbreviation “wbk” on Twitter and had no clue about what it implied, read on. We’ll clarify what it and its development mean on the web.

We Been Knew

WBK means “we been knew.” If you’re actually befuddled, relax. While WBK and “we been knew” have acquired broad use across a more youthful age, they may be somewhat hard to get a grip on.

“We been knew” implies that something been said is something you definitely know and is staggeringly clear to a great many people. It’s basically the slang identical to “definitely, clearly.” WBK infers that you’ve definitely thought about this for quite a while, and you think the other individual is OOTL or “unware of present circumstances.”

What Does WBK Mean, and How Do I Use It?
What Does WBK Mean, and How Do I Use It?

WBK is its initialism and is as often as possible seen on Twitter, TikTok, and other online media applications. It is normal written in the lowercase “wbk” rather than the capitalized “WBK.” It’s inseparable from the more seasoned slang term “duh,” which additionally alludes to clear as crystal things.

Here’s an illustration of how somebody may utilize the term:

Individual A: I can’t help thinking about how we will dominate the b-ball match tomorrow.

Individual B: Well, we need to score a larger number of focuses than the other group.

Individual A: We been knew.

The History of WBK and We Been Knew

WBK and “we been knew” come from African-American Vernacular English, likewise called AAVE. The full expression has been utilized in AAVE for quite a while before its flood in utilization on the web. It and its abbreviation just acquired wide use on the web over the most recent couple of years.

The principal definitions for “we been knew” and WBK on the online slang data set Urban Dictionary are dated to 2017 and 2018, individually. Since first experience with the web, it has gotten a staple of web talk, particularly among more youthful individuals intrigued by mainstream society.

WBK on the Internet

The primary utilization of WBK and “we been knew” is among youthful “stans” on the web, especially on the web-based media application Twitter. Stans are profoundly committed, extraordinary fans who support a specific superstar or web character. They frequently use wbk in a manner that is correlative to their #1 craftsman. For instance, on the off chance that one fan says, “this new melody is so acceptable,” another person might answer “wbk!” to propose that it’s clearly excellent.

Another utilization for this initialism is the point at which somebody appears to be shocked by something that isn’t actually that amazing. For instance, in light of an article about dubious publicizing rehearses, somebody says, “I can hardly imagine how Facebook gathers this much close to home data about me!” As a silly reaction, you may say, “Facebook? Gathering all your data for publicizing purposes? WBK.” This discloses to them that it shouldn’t be astounding that Facebook is gathering that much information.

WBK in Conversations

Another approach to utilize wbk is in discussions with companions. For instance, somebody in your gathering talk brings up that everybody consumes most of the day to answer. You may message “wbk” to approve that individuals are answering much more slow than previously.

The abbreviation can likewise be utilized to ridicule somebody that late to a specific social second. For instance, on the off chance that somebody as of late watched Lord of the Rings interestingly, they may specify, “Amazing, these motion pictures are so long!” If you need to give a snarks reaction, you could say, “Goodness, Lord of the Rings? Long? We been knew.”

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The most effective method to Use WBK

A few things are critical to know before you begin setting WBK in the entirety of your instant messages. To begin with, while it is filling in prevalence, it is a genuinely ongoing piece of web slang, such countless individuals actually probably won’t get what it implies. Furthermore, it can appear to be marginally snarky to those that do get it, so be cognizant about the tone that your message takes.

WBK can fill in as its own reaction, or it tends to be essential for a greater sentence. Here are a couple of instances of wbk in real life:

  • “WBK.”
  • “You recently understood that Die Hard is a Christmas film? We been knew.”
  • “Indeed, she’s delivering the collection tomorrow! WBK!”

Assuming you need to find out around a couple of other online slang terms, look at our pieces on NVM, TBH, and ITT. It may assist you with staying away from a “wbk” second when you’re via web-based media!


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